Thank you Sky Shaver!

Sky Shaver, photo credit Susana Meza


Sky jumped into Double Eyelid immediately after the first album was finished. He was eager to play shows at the time and I really appreciated it, as the audience for what we were doing was starting to build. After a string of gigs he moved out west for almost a year, but after he came back we did a bunch more, including some great ones like supporting David J in Toronto and our kamikaze Alberta tour (thank you DOTP!). Every show he did with Double Eyelid was terrific, with one exception but we won’t get into that. He owns the fretboard and always was a powerful presence on stage at our shows.

After several years working on this project, he’s moving on to other things, both in the musical sphere and outside of it.

Sky – thanks for your support over the years, it’s been hugely appreciated. The crazy train that is Double Eyelid will keep rolling but you’ll be missed.

This is a solo album Sky recorded a few years ago that I really like – check it out.
(credit for photo: Susana Meza)

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