“a welcome shot in the arm for new goth and cold wave music …”

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Listen to what the reviewers are saying about Double Eyelid!

“… a modern classic of the genre” – Mark Ray (Louder Than War)

“evokes the likes of Christian Death’s ‘Ashes’ … an album that you are unlikely to forget in a hurry.” – Sean Palfrey (Intravenous UK)

“A stunning all-purpose dark classic … easily one of the year’s best.” – Mick Mercer (Author, Gothic Rock Black Book)

“A great album to just plug in and play loud!” – DJ Wolf, Brutal Resonance

Since making a dramatic entrance to the international scene in 2012 with their first video and single, the instant classic ‘Dead is Better,’ Double Eyelid have been carving out a unique niche for themselves, building a following among fans of classic goth who appreciate music that goes beyond the conventional and never takes the easy way out.

As another reviewer put it, Double Eyelid are “an unexpected expansion of a long-stalled, almost stuck in its own trap genre – – – a deep lungful of beautifully perfumed and noxious air.”

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