Rise of the Subterraneans

So … I’m excited to announce that a track I put a fair bit of time into for my good friend Jay Draper of The Scarlet Fever (aka the guest vocalist on ‘She’s Falling’) is finally seeing the light of day, with a release party happening this Friday night in Toronto. I’m thrilled about where Jay and Justin Minister (of Amy’s Arms) have been able to take the track – its form has shifted quite a bit from when I worked on it, but the track has retained enough of the backbone and feel that I helped to give it that I still take some personal pride in this release.

If you’re in Toronto, be sure to come out and join me for the first listen to the debut single by Jay Draper and the Subterraneans – ‘Belly of the Beast’ – along with the b-side, ‘Scatterbrain’.

Event details are here.

UPDATE: The release party was fun, thanks to everyone who braved the -20C temperatures to come out and have fun with us!

Bandcamp link is here!

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