Review in The Independent Voice

Here before us we have one of the more experimental acts from the Darkwave and Gothic world. Canadian outfit Double Eyelid pride themselves on producing the darker side of electro-rock with elements of dark cabaret and surreal spoken vocals with their debut release: SEVEN YEARS.

Opening track ‘Black Box’ will remind any keen gothic rock fan of Rhombus and synthpop group Client. The mish mash of traditional gothic music with melancholic synths and bass will later develop into something like a blackened version of Roxy Music. It reads like and epic poem of lost love and melancholic pathos. ‘Diamond Cutter’ takes a more trance route and continues a theme of regret and anxiety.

Delving deeper into the gothic and darkwave world, ‘John’ details the death of a loved one in morose circumstances and will please any keen horror fans – particularly if you want to know what a hammer horror film sounds like put to music. ‘She’s Falling’ also bears a strong resemblance to Bauhaus’s ‘She’s in Parties’, which impressed me because this band genuinely know who listens to this kind of music.

Eventually we have the eeriness of ‘The Quick and the Damned’ and ‘The Hanged Woman’ which offer a morose anger at modern life. The sound descends into a more electrified version of the Sisters of Mercy. Being able to recognise so many different influences on this album certainly told me this was a winner. Here we have a band who have taken all the good things about gothic, darkwave, witch house and electro-industrial and harnessed them together to make a piece of art that will attract masses of fans looking for a new way in the electric music world.

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