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Admit it, if you read in a biography that a band is influenced by Bauhaus, Sex Gang Children, David Bowie, Edith Piaf, and Christian Death, you immediately want to play that record, right? In all fairness, daily our editors are bombarded with new death rock groups that claim the same, while often they are nothing more than a slight decoction of their idols, but that is different with this Toronto band.

The music of singer Ian Revell, guitarist and keyboard player Karl Mohr Benjamin Mueller-Heaslip is even more than just death rock or post-punk. The first song (and also the single) Black Box immediately evokes the dark days of The The, while Diamond Cutter is almost a tribute to the later Wire. Those names do not just fall from the sky, because the ten songs (even including the cover of The Stranger by Rozz Williams) have an idiosyncratic post-punk sound that can be situated somewhere between Television and Bauhaus. So, do not expect any sing-alongs like say Editors or White Lies, but rather intelligent compositions with a dark twist like She’s Falling, that could have been written by Nick Cave.

No,this Canadian trio doesn’t makes it easy for the listener, but that’s a good thing. That is why we still listen to Marquee Moon after 40 years, and that could be the case with Seven Years too!

Didier Becu

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