Jackie Boy officially released (featuring songs by Double Eyelid)

Jackie Boy is now available to watch!


Very pleased to announce that following its successful run in select Canadian theatres, the gritty and dark drama Jackie Boy is now available for your viewing pleasure online, via iTunes, Google Play and other outlets. I was honoured when director Cody Campanale wanted to include our music in this, and thrilled with how the film […]

Update on London gig (Cancelled)

London Ontario gig cancelled


Regrettably, our London ON gig scheduled for September 16 has been cancelled due to some unforeseen issues with the venue and organizer. This is a bit of a disappointment for us – we’ve never played in London before and had been looking forward to it. There is talk of rescheduling so hopefully something will be […]

Feature on Coast & County Radio (Scarborough, UK)

The Revenant Hare with Lee A Hare


Pleased to be included on this broadcast! Listen live September 6th, from 8 till 10.p.m. (BST) at https://www.coastandcountyradio.co.uk/

Review in Peek-A-Boo Magazine


Admit it, if you read in a biography that a band is influenced by Bauhaus, Sex Gang Children, David Bowie, Edith Piaf, and Christian Death, you immediately want to play that record, right? In all fairness, daily our editors are bombarded with new death rock groups that claim the same, while often they are nothing […]

Review of Broken Mirror in Brutal Resonance


Toronto based Double Eyelid has been (self) described about the place as “art damaged goth glam gutter” music. However for the purpose of this release Broken Mirror I am going to go with “EBM Goth rock with a bit of artyness thrown in” assuming you need a genre to help you along. Formed in 2009, […]

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