Interview and playlist collab

Happy 2020! It’s been quiet around here for a little while but that’s about to change.

Sunday (January 12) I phoned in for a live broadcast with DJ Sonic Szilvi, who has a weekly show called ‘Dark Noise Radio’ on FreeForm Portland. She met us when we played Portland and had wanted to interview us that night but the club environment was kind of chaotic. So a few months later, we finally did the interview.

For this show, we did a kind of co-programming thing – I gave her a list of songs, and she picked a second song by each of the artists on my list. The result was pretty cool … it’s a combination of music I like, chat with Szilvi about the tour and our current activities, talk about the weather and more …

Live broadcast was on Sunday but the mixcloud is up now, click here to check it out!

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