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Thanks for taking the opportunity to download our music for a special price.
Digital downloads are awesome, portable and a great way of supporting what we do.
But … it’s nice to have something you can hold in your hand, isn’t it?

As a ‘thank-you’ for your support, we’re offering a one-time only discount right now if you want to get physical with us and upgrade this to a package that arrives in your mailbox.

Now … to buy both of our CDs, the usual price would be $25 + shipping ($6 to $14 for both depending on your location) – a total price of $31 to $45.

But right now only, we’d like to offer you both CDs plus a limited-run badge with the ‘Broken Mirror’ cover art for just another $15 on top of your original purchase – and that includes shipping to anywhere in the world.

Also – if you want them autographed – just ask! (Use the ‘Special Requests?’ field below.)

This is a one-time only deal, though. If you navigate away from this page or close this window, the offer will disappear.

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