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Thank you so much for getting a copy of Seven Years. The process of writing and recording that record was a strange and epic journey – it means a lot to be able to share it with people like you.

Seven Years got a lot of great reviews – the critics called it things like “innovative” and a “shot in the arm” for the genre. But because it was so outside the norm, we found that it was sometimes a hard sell for club DJs. The solution? Remixes. Over a period of about 8 months, I reached out to a number of other artists I respected and asked if they’d be willing to work on transforming and reinterpreting our music. To my surprise, most of them were, and the end result is a ‘companion’ album we released in early 2016, called Broken Mirror.

This album has 11 tracks, and includes remixes by genuine darkwave stars like Psyche and Leaether Strip as well as good friends of ours like nTTx. It also includes our own special cold-wave flavoured ‘re-take’ of our biggest hit, ‘Dead is Better’ (track 10, check it out!). I’m actually about as proud of this album as I am of the original … it brings the original tracks to a new level, and actually works as a cohesive volume – an impressive feat considering the number of artists involved.

On iTunes this album normally sells for $10 but as a special thank-you for purchasing Seven Years through our site, you can buy it now for just $5.00 – a 50% discount from the regular price.

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