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“… the lead vocalist always sounds as if he’s somewhere between rage and tears. The music is atmospheric and emotive, the lyrics are intense and thoughtful, and Revell’s singing will at times make your eyes tear up from human sympathy … the sheer amount of styles and influences on this album mean that there is something to discover for any music fan.” Nicholas – Pittsburgh

“… you can mark my words: this will be a seminal goth album, it has already been labeled a classic and listening to it proves why such a label is not an exaggeration, it is just a fact.” Susana – Toronto

“From beginning to end, this is a thrill-ride of sounds that borrows bits of the old, mates them with something completely unique and genuinely befitting of its own class, and births them into a haunting world of painful ghosts and ever-hungry, always feeding bleak memories, granting no one caught there, ever, an escape.” Vincent Daemon – The Intestinal Fortitude (webzine)

“… an interesting blend of arty glam and dirty goth. Tapping into the Rozz Williams strain of high melodrama and fusing it with sensually dark melodies they create a decadent electro infused gothic rock that is intelligent and dance friendly.” Sean Palfrey (Intravenous UK)

“Seven Years brings something different to the table … their willingness to go outside the box is refreshing for this style of music.” Rotation 11

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