Review in Intravenous Magazine (UK)

Toronto’s Double Eyelid are an interesting blend of arty glam and dirty goth. Tapping into the Rozz Williams strain of high melodrama and fusing it with sensually dark melodies they create a decadent electro infused gothic rock that is intelligent and dance friendly. Punky guitars and bass, modern dance beats, jangling Bowie-esque piano and sinister […]

Review on ‘Leonard’s Lair’

Faced with the promise of “theatrical electro-rock”, there might be worrying glances cast in the direction of Canada’s Double Eyelid. However, it’s a measure of the confidence and individualism of Ian Revell’s band that the result is some frequently thrilling music and the kind of record which provides a welcome shot in the arm for […]

Review on Rotation 11

The underground Goth and Dark-wave scene has been churning up some unique artists lately as we have discovered another captivating band Double Eyelid from Toronto, Canada. Their 2014 debut release, Seven Years can be best described as dark, theatrical and moody. Lead vocalist, Ian Revell is the mastermind behind this project, not only does he […]

Ten Albums That Changed My Life!

I was invited to write about the 10 albums that changed my life for the Belgium-based Peek-A-Boo Magazine … check out the article here!

Interview with Peek-A-Boo Magazine

The Belgium-based Peek-A-Boo Magazine – who have been incredibly supportive of Double Eyelid for a while – did an interview with Ian that covered a lot of ground, you can check it out here:

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