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Double Eyelid started making waves in the international goth scene in 2012 with their first video and single, ‘Dead is Better,’ and have since become a favourite among fans of classic goth who appreciate music that is – as Intravenous Mag UK put it – “intelligent and dance-friendly … (with the) true pomp that the classic deathrock bands exuded.”

As another reviewer put it, Double Eyelid are “an unexpected expansion of a long-stalled, almost stuck in its own trap genre – – – a deep lungful of beautifully perfumed and noxious air.”

Choose whether you want to pick up a physical or a digital copy, then click one of the order buttons below! You’ll get an instant download of Double Eyelid’s debut album, “Seven Years”. As a special thank-you, you’ll also receive a copy of the star-studded follow-up remix album, “Broken Mirror” – featuring new takes on Double Eyelid’s music by artists like Leaether Strip, Psyche, nTTx and more.


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