Pre-save our new track!

Happy 2023 everyone!

We have a new single that’s about to drop and I’m excited that it’s almost time to share it with you! Titled ‘World in Ashes,’ it comes out on all streaming sites January 16 and will drop on Bandcamp a few days before that.

The song is a one-off collaboration with Scottish producer Martin Gainford (AzumiG) that started when he posted an instrumental on reddit looking for a collaborator. The music struck a chord with me and the song came together quickly. Martin’s musical contribution gives it a bit of a different sound for us but it’s still in the same general goth/postpunk ballpark so hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

We’re asking everyone to PLEASE pre-save it on Spotify- even if you don’t use it that much- it helps boost us in their algorithm and really does make a difference. All you need to do is click the green button above and … job done!

And for those who prefer Bandcamp and downloads, don’t worry … the track will go live there even earlier, on January 10.  (BUT please – PRE-SAVE IT ANYWAYS!!)

Happy 2023 and thanks again 🖤 for pre-saving!

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